Horizon’s Aloy Appearance: Forbidden West Stirs Controversy On Twitter


Horizon: Forbidden West is one of the next games to be released on the PlayStation 5, so it’s common for it to stir discussions from time to time. However, one of them ended up hitting Twitter last weekend: Aloy’s forms.

Last Sunday, a user known as ApexAlphaJ posted a message highlighting how the character ended up looking more masculine over time.


“It’s me or Sony is making their main female protagonist look masculine as hell…She has almost no curves or even feminine aspects like most women. Like Ellie. Just saying. The photo on the left is from the game, and the one on the right is a cosplay made by a fan”, says the message.

This message was enough to move a series of discussions and thousands of comments, many of them disagreeing with this argument. One of the answers, for example, points out that other characters could also be the target of some comparisons, but that in the end the most important points in the game end up being the story, the gameplay and the characterization.