Horizon Zero Dawn updates again on PC: HDR, crashes


The Guerrilla Games title was released in compatible with some optimization problems, which are being refined afterwards.

Guerrilla Games is working on Horizon: Forbidden West, the sequel to its acclaimed action-adventure video game. And in between, the Amsterdam-based developer is also trying to fix the problems with the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn, which was released with certain bugs. Patch after patch, the production takes the desired shape. This time, update 1.06 focuses on solving the UI problems that occurred when activating HDR, as well as errors with dynamic FPS, among other improvements.

Thus, several crashes are also solved. According to the patch notes, they have fixed a visual defect that warped characters during one of the cinematic scenes in the main mission The Point of the Spear. Similarly, a bug that occurred in the final scene, in which some graphic elements were flashing, disappears. When it comes to gameplay, Aloy now walks in the direction the camera focuses when you press the forward button, rather than another angle.

More improvements on the way

The developers are aware of other bugs that have not yet been fixed, but have already been picked up thanks to active users on Reddit who have reported them. For example, some players are experiencing a memory error during the game optimization process. Others, on the other hand, have suffered graphic problems related to the anisotropic filter or HDR. It is also noted that another part of the community has experienced performance failures depending on which GPUs or with a combination of different pieces of hardware. “We are aware of and continue to investigate the problems that have not yet been resolved,” they comment on the official website.

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Horizon Zero Dawn originally came out on PlayStation 4 and is the first video game produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment to also be released on PC. At the moment, the sequel is only announced for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Will it be compatible? Only time will tell.


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