Horizon Zero Dawn on PC slows down its update rate


Guerrilla confirms the slowdown of Horizon Zero Dawn updates on PC. They will focus on the development of the sequel on PS4 and PS5.

Guerrilla slows down the update rate of the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn. After the release of patch 1.10, now available, the Dutch studio explains that it will focus its resources on the development of its new work: Horizon Forbidden West.

“As our team continues to develop our next title, Horizon Forbidden West, we will change our pace of updates to Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC to be less frequent. We will continue to monitor the spaces of the community as always ”, comments the study on its official website.

The team thanks “everyone for their continued support” and the reports of unexpected closings they have received from players played in recent months. “The information we have received through the reports was very valuable to continue investigating and to be able to fix the most complete problems of patch 1.10”, they conclude.

Horizon Zero Dawn for PC, patch 1.10, what’s included?

Update 1.10 has fixed several technical stability issues. We review the full notes below. Remember that it is now available for download.

Fixed closures

Fixed crash when players continually pressed the Windows key.

Fixed crash when you left click on the escape button in Benchmark results.

Performance improvements

Fixed a bug that saved up to 250MB of VRAM on all AMD GPUs.

Graphics improvements

Fix for negative values ​​in the cubemap lighting shader (fixes, for example, the graphical problems in red in the fight with Hades if you let the time run).

Fixed the name of the preset of the graphic settings, not being updated when pressing the automatic detection.

Fixed incorrect display of menu scale (and loading screen) when changing anisotropic filter in windowed borderless mode.

Fixed an issue where the resolution dropped too low in windowed mode.

Fixed an issue where the tutorial quest list would overlap with the Wanderer quest.

Other changes

Graphic settings are now saved to a text file instead of a binary file, making manual changes easier.


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