Horizon Zero Dawn Developers, Crash & Other Issues


While Horizon Zero Dawn players talked about various problems on many platforms, the developer company announced that they are working on the problems. It is currently unknown when Horizon Zero Dawn will recover from these problems.

Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the most anticipated games of this year, met with computer gamers who have been waiting for their release on August 7. However, the game’s release was not completely smooth. Many users on various platforms started to report the problems they experienced with the computer platform of the game.

One of the main problems faced by users who purchased and downloaded Horizon Zero Dawn on their computers was that the game crashed from time to time. A user who shared on Reddit shared that when the game reached 40% on the loading screen, it was shut down for no reason and asked for a solution. This and the explanation to other users came from the company that developed Horizon Zero Dawn.

Statement from the developer of Horizon Zero Dawn:

Guerilla Games, the developer of Horizon Zero Dawn, responded to the problem shared by users on various platforms with its statement on Steam, stated that they encountered many posts on this issue. The company announced that they are continuing to investigate the problem and will notify players as new news comes out. Guerilla Games’ statement on Steam continued as follows:

“Thanks to those who took the time to report their issues via Steam, Reddit or other sites. If you are still experiencing crashes and issues, continue using those platforms or visit our FAQ page if you don’t know how to report a problem. Your reports have always been helpful to our teams and will be.”

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Although the players continue to explain their problems on various platforms after this announcement, these problems do not seem likely to occur until Guerilla Games brings an update to the game. Therefore, waiting for Guerilla Games to bring an update seems like the only solution.

According to the posts so far, among the most common hacks seen in Horizon Zero Dawn are character models showing the wrong textures, extremely significant FPS drops, hang-ups and game crashes. It seems that Horizon Zero Dawn met with PC gamers in a way that he didn’t want at all.


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