Horizon Zero Dawn, analysis of Aloy’s debut on PC


We analyze the Horizon Zero Dawn PC port, the second title that runs under the Decima Engine that comes to the platform for compatible.

This summer has emerged as a sequence of months of particular relevance to the computer community. In July we told you about the successful landing of Sam Bridges on Steam and the Epic Games Store. As Akio Sakamoto commented to MeriStation, PC Tech Lead at Kojima Productions, Death Stranding “was designed to run at 60 frames per second.” Only a version as malleable as this has allowed us to discover the original perception of its creator.

The Decima Engine’s debut off the PlayStation 4 managed to perform with outstanding performance. However, whoever would follow this path does not seem to have obtained the same result. Horizon Zero Dawn comes to the platform for compatible in its full edition, including all the updates it received on PS4, as well as its expansion and more.

The birth of a heroine

At this point there is little to discover about Horizon Zero Dawn. Guerrilla Games surprised with a title opposite to its perspective in recent years. From the direct and gray Killzone shooter, to perceive an open world that united prehistory, future and technology. We saw the witness of Aloy, who has managed to become the PlayStation brand heroine on her own merits. And it is that in 2017 it was difficult to find a sandbox that transmitted the elements of the genre so well.

In this house he obtained a rating of 9.2 out of 10, in which we classified as “one of the roundest games” that could be found at that time within the formula. Salvador Fernández, our editorial coordinator, assured that Guerrilla had managed to produce “what is probably his most solid title with a very complete proposal at all levels”. “A main campaign in which the plot grows to unsuspected limits in the last third and in which we will enjoy moments of a magnitude and scale hardly forgettable in a long time; to it is added a cast of high-level side missions with interesting small subplots, live characters that change according to the actions we carry out and an endless number of more topical tasks to be carried out, but which, distributed in due measure, contribute their grain of sand when exploring a huge world full of contrasts like the one we have to live in. ”

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The integration of machines in the ecosystem stands out. These animal-shaped steel beasts have managed to become an icon of the PS4 generation. Each one had its own cast of virtues and weaknesses; It was up to us to select the strategy that was best suited to counteract the forces of the opponent. Facing a Storm, as the adventure icon giant eagle is called, is a moment of special mention.


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