Horizon: The case of the Sylens spin-off


The Horizon series is turning into one of the most beloved PlayStation exclusives thanks to a variety of cute characters, thrilling action and breathtaking scenery. Two characters seem to stand above the rest thanks to their backstory and control over the machines: this is the main character Eloy and her rival, who became an ally of Silence. As a result, the Horizon franchise can showcase Silence as a playable character in a spin-off that makes ends meet and gives players more knowledge about the mysterious character.

Silence helped form the cult of Eclipse and the Sons of Prometheus before eventually helping Eloy and her friends eliminate the threat of the Far Zenith. Now that Nemesis is moving towards Earth, Silence has agreed to help Eloy fight the AI so they can ensure the survival of humanity. Since little is known about Silent other than his skills and knowledge, studying his character in the spin-off will give players a better understanding of his decisions in the world before the events of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Who is Silence?

Silence’s story is mysterious before HADES and his encounter with Ela in Horizon Zero Dawn, as the player is inclined to believe that he took steps to prevent people from finding out the truth when they settled in a new place. It is known that he explored the ruins of the Ancients at a young age, like Eloy, and discovered the truth about how they destroyed all life on the planet. Silence was one of the first to explore the ruins of GAIA Prime, which gave him a lot of knowledge about AI so that he could drive and control machines.

Silence was also responsible for repairing HADES, which he discovered in a broken car while exploring the ruins, which inadvertently started the events of Horizon Zero Dawn. He served HADES in exchange for knowledge and helped the AI learn about the Spire that HADES would use as a transmission array. After the Eclipse was defeated, Silence sided with Eloy as they fought the threat of the Far Zenith so that he could escape from the planet before Nemesis arrived. However, instead, he is convinced to stay and prepare for the arrival of Nemesis.

Studying the history of the origin of Silence

The spin-off about Silent will most likely begin before the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, where a young Silent explores the ruins in search of knowledge about the Ancients. It will probably be similar to Horizon Zero Dawn, showcasing his early years and eventually moving on to his young adulthood when he found and repaired HADES. Since his origin is so closely related to HADES, and most of his knowledge is derived from AI, Silenus’ origin story will probably also show how HADES came to power.

This byproduct of Silence can encompass the formation of the Eclipse and allow players to control Silence while he works behind the scenes. It may show fans some of the things he did with the Eclipse that ultimately helped him detect the threat of the Distant Zenith, and may end up using the Spire to send a message from the Forbidden West to the Meridian, which is visible at the beginning of the second Horizon. game. This can serve as a way not only to give players more information about Silence, but also to better understand the machines in general.

Filling in the gaps between the “New Dawn” and the “Forbidden West”

Another way that the series could use is a spin—off of Silence explaining the events between games. There was a slight time jump between Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, and most likely this will be the case in the next game of the franchise. Using the Sylens spin-offs to connect these games and give players the opportunity to explore the time in between would be a great way to create more content and fill in the gaps.

Between Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, Silence continued to gain knowledge about the Ancients, machines, and AI through HADES. In the end, he discovered the threat of the Distant Zenith, and it is likely that Eloy would never have gone to the Forbidden West without his participation. Silence gained more knowledge about everything that was going on and could also have gained some knowledge about Nemesis and the Far Zenith colony before they arrived on Earth, which would have been perfect preparation for the next chapter in Eloy’s story.

Silence is one of the most important characters in the Horizon franchise, often leading Eloy to her next threat and helping her save the planet behind the scenes. His knowledge of the Ancients and their technologies makes him a powerful figure, and his ability to seemingly bend people to his will makes him a mirror of Eloy’s kindness and love. The spin-off of Silence will not only give players more information about one of the key figures of the Horizon franchise, but will also help make ends meet in the story.

Horizon Forbidden West is already available for PS4 and PS5.


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