Horizon: Forbidden West Will Run At 60fps On PS5 In Performance Mode


Horizon: Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated games for the PS5. And, after blowing its fans’ jaws with the reveal of its gameplay, Guerilla Games has confirmed a Performance Mode that will see it run at 60 fps. Besides it, players will also be able to opt for Quality Mode, which will make the game run in 4K resolution, but at 30 fps.

The revelation was made by the game’s director: Mathijs de Jonge in an interview with the Hardware Zone website. Also according to Jonge, players will have more freedom to scale practically the entire game scenario. In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy could only climb using yellow supports on the structures, something that won’t happen in the new title.

Another novelty, but not so good, is that it will no longer be possible to pilot the Tremortusk, a kind of Robotic Mammoths. According to Mathijs, the team noticed that when Aloy climbed onto the creature, the camera made the character very small on-screen, annoying enough to stay out of Horizon: Forbidden West. However, the director also left open the possibility of Aloy piloting other new robots. It’s wait and see.

Horizon: Forbidden West doesn’t have a release date yet, but many believe it will still be in 2021.


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