Horizon Forbidden West Will Have Nearly 100GB on PlayStation 5


Horizon Forbidden West: You can get ready to rack your brains by choosing what will be deleted and what will be kept on your PlayStation 5’s internal storage. After all, it seems that Horizon Forbidden West can take up approximately 96GB of disk space.

The estimate was revealed by PlayStation Game Size, which specializes in scouring PSN servers for information about game sizes. On Twitter, the profile explained that information may not be entirely accurate, with the final size of releases generally ranging from 10GB to 20GB on Sony’s servers.

So Aloy’s next adventure should take up at least 76GB of the PS5’s internal memory at best. But it could also end up taking somewhere around 116GB in the worst-case scenario, according to the profile’s explanation.

It is noteworthy that, in fact, these numbers can be even higher. As the data collected by the PlayStation Game Size is for the base game only, it may be necessary to download even more good gigs due to the likely Day 1 patch.

Players who purchase the new game from Guerrilla Games can pre-load it a week before release. That way, starting on February 11th of next year, you’ll be able to make sure everything is properly downloaded and installed when the game finally launches.

Horizon Forbidden West arrives on February 18, 2022 exclusively for PS5 and PS4.