Horızon Forbıdden West Wıll Have Its Gwent: Fırst Detaıls On The Batosta Meccanıca Mını-Game


Horızon Forbidden West: In addition to the unpleasant surprise of the PS5 upgrade failure for Horizon Forbidden West in the Standard and Special editions, the official pre-order opening of Guerrilla’s sci-fi blockbuster has indirectly revealed Mechanical Beat, the minigame accessible by Aloy during his next adventure. new ingame activity in which we will be able to participate wearing the role of the warrior of the Horizon saga, cited by the American PS Blog as “Strike” and by the Italian language version as “Mechanical Knockout”, is briefly described in the updated section on Questions and Answers of the new site of Horizon Forbidden West.

According to what explained by Guerrilla, Mechanical Batosta will take the form of the “most famous board game among the inhabitants of the world of Horizon”. Each game of Strike sees the two opponents placing carved wooden or metal pawns on a sort of post-apocalyptic chessboard that will each represent a different type of Machine.

Also according to Guerrilla, Aloy will discover the game of Mechanical Knockout during his adventures in Horizon Forbidden West and will be able to challenge the NPCs encountered in the exploration of the map. and bonuses to get special pieces to use in the minigame: judging by these indications, it therefore seems that among the tasks to be entrusted to Aloy there will also be that of finding the most powerful pieces to be used in the games of Strike, thus giving life to ingame dynamics that, we suppose, will not be too different from those that characterized Geralt of Rivia’s spasmodic search for the rarest GWENT Cards in The Witcher 3.


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