Horizon Forbidden West Will Have Destructible Parts of The Scenarios


Horizon Forbidden West: The director of the video game indicates that the destruction will not be full scale, so not everything can be broken.After Horizon Forbidden West unveiled its gameplay during the most recent State of Play, some outlets have had the opportunity to interview the Guerrilla Games team, so some additional news has been uncovered. In an interview with Hardware Zone, director Mathijs de Jonge has pointed out that although certain elements of the scene are destructible, not all zones will suffer damage when explosions occur, for example.

“We have destructibility when it comes to trees, rocks, and other smaller ruins, so yes.” The director points out that there are more elements that are broken due to the actions of Aloy or of the enemies, but he clarifies: “it is a very big world, so we do not have full-scale destructibility. The game is not about this. We have places to demonstrate the power of machines ”, sequences in which they collide with trees or walls. “However, not everyone can be destroyed.”

New climbing system and more

Another novelty that Guerrilla Games has worked hard on is the climbing system, which they have strengthened so that the player can move more comfortably. The hook allows Aloy to ascend according to what points, as shown in the gameplay trailer, where the protagonist thus escaped from the enemy army and from her terrible machines.

Horizon Forbidden West will go on sale sometime in 2021 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The studio has opted for caution and has not announced a more specific date to avoid possible delays. Mathijs de Jonge has also said that much of the development has been done on the previous generation console, although the new machine will allow them to go further and offer an improved product.