Horizon Forbidden West: Where To Find The Dreadwing And How To Beat Him


Horizon Forbidden West: We help you locate a Dreadwing in Horizon Forbidden West and we give you a series of tips and tricks to kill him and loot him. In Horizon Forbidden West we find a good handful of enemy machines to defeat using our varied arsenal. If what we want is to sabotage them in order to dominate them or mount them (only some of them) we must overcome the various Cauldrons scattered around the world. If, on the other hand, we want to loot their pieces to improve our weapons and armor with them, we must take them down. Therefore, to help you find and defeat one of the most powerful machines in the game, the Dreadwing, we welcome you to this piece of our complete guide.

Where to find the Dreadwing: location on the map

When we’ve advanced enough in the game to be able to take down the most challenging machines, we’ll be able to face the Dreadwing, a flying metallic enemy with the ability to turn invisible and considerable attack strength and resistance. If we explore enough we will find more than one location where they appear, but here we will leave one of them marked on the map to facilitate your task and prevent you from having to walk all over the Forbidden West to hear the shrill screech of one of them and see how their wings cloud the sun. In the attached image you can see it clearly, located in the southern part of the map, before crossing the mountains where we have our base located.