Horizon Forbidden West: What Was Lost Quest Completion


Of all the new characters introduced in Horizon Forbidden West, Cotallo may be the most interesting. Marshal Tenact loses his hand at the initial stages of the game, and with it confidence and determination. However, impressed by Eloy’s determination and dedication to his mission, he eventually finds a new life and agrees to help the heroic Nora save the earth from the threat of the Distant Zenith and impending decline.

After Kotallo joins Eloy and her comrades at the base, he learns about prosthetic limbs from GAIA and asks Eloy to help him recover the materials and information needed to create a prosthesis for himself. This is followed by the side quest What Was Lost. It’s arguably one of the best in Horizon Forbidden West when it comes to character development; providing an extra level of Kotallo depth as well as some fantastic rewards for players.

Updated by Tom Bowen on June 18, 2022: Like its predecessor, Horizon Forbidden West is actually pretty forgiving when it comes to completion; at least that’s in terms of trophies, anyway. Those hoping to unlock the platinum trophy will actually need to complete only a fifth of the side quests and errands that can be found throughout the game, one of which is “What Was Lost”. For those wondering what other side quests and errands trophies are attached to in Horizon Forbidden West, this guide has been updated to answer that question. It now includes links to guides for all relevant quests in addition to a complete step-by-step guide to “What Was Lost”.

How to unlock what was lost

Players will unlock the side quest “What was Lost” after the restoration of ETHER, POSEIDON and DEMETER and the launch of the main story quest “Tomb of Faro”. To get off the ground, they need to talk to Kotallo at the base, and then select the “Personal Request” option. He will continue to ask Elloy for help in creating a prosthetic arm, and the couple will agree to meet at a campfire near the Zenith research center, where the players found Beta a little earlier.

How to Build a Kotallo New Arm

Whenever they are ready to embark on a quest, players must follow the quest marker to the camp next to the object, and then press the triangle button to call Cotallo. After the video, players will need to sneak in or kill several cars before heading through the nearest tunnel to an abandoned facility. Then they will need to get to the large room where they found the Beta storage container a little earlier.

Opposite the terminal that was used to extract the capsule, there is a green control console, with which players will need to interact by pressing a triangle. This will reveal the information needed to create a prosthetic arm, as well as trigger a battle with a couple of angry Ghosts. Fortunately, they are incredibly weak to both acid and plasma damage, so players can use this to their advantage so that the fight doesn’t drag on.

After getting Spectra out of the way, players must travel to the depths of the facility to find the components needed for Cotallo’s new hand. Eventually they will come to a room with a ventilation shaft in the ceiling, and using a Pulcaster to open it, they must follow the shaft to a small storage room nearby. After robbing the safe and the supply chest, players must open the door and go to the next room. In one of the far corners there is an ancient chest, inside which players will find Zenith Components by opening it.

Now that you have Zenith Components, players must light a Firegleam crystal in front of the chest to punch a hole in the wall, and then return to Kotallo. He will wait for them in a large storage room earlier and, having received the components, will return to the base. Whenever they are ready, the players should also return there, since the side quest is not over yet.

Testing the new Kotallo hand

By the time the players return to base, Cotallo already has a new hand. Therefore, players should talk to him and select the “Hand Check” dialog option, as a result of which Kotallo will ask Eloy to meet him where the pair defeated Regalla’s Tremor a little earlier in the game. Then the players must head to the specified campfire and press the triangle button again to summon Kotallo.

Upon arrival, Cotallo will ask Eloy to follow him to an unknown location a minute or two away. When the pair arrive at their destination, players will need to talk to Cotallo again so that a high-level Scorcher appears nearby. Players must destroy him with ice ammo if possible, making sure to target the power generator on his back to stun him. You can also tear off his mortar and use heavy weapons against him, but this is not necessary.

Once Scorcher is defeated, Cotallo will thank Eloy and return to base.