Horizon Forbidden West Should Take Up 86GB On PS5 Without The First Patch


Horizon Forbidden West: The launch of Horizon Forbidden West is getting closer, so prepare space on your PS5’s SSD, because you’ll need it. As usual, the PlayStation Game Size Twitter account reveals ahead of time the size of the new games on Sony’s platform, and the new Horizon asks for at least 86 GB.


This is the size taken up by the game in its US version. In other countries, where location data is also downloaded, it gets even heavier. In Europe, which has the greatest variety of this data, the Horizon Forbidden West comes to occupy 96.35 GB of the PS5 SSD.

The disclosed size refers to the game without its day one patch, which is currently unavoidable with every release. So it’s also good to release a safety margin if you intend to download the new game.

Also according to the PlayStation Game Size account, pre-loading for the game starts on February 11th, a week before its release on the 18th. This has been the standard for PlayStation games.

If you also intend to play Gran Turismo 7, another major launch of the Sony platform that is approaching, it will be another 90 GB occupied. Together, the games are more or less around 180 GB, which represents more than 25% of the storage that the PS5 offers free for games.