Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition: Price, Content And Where To Pre-Order


Horizon Forbidden West: We tell you everything you need to know to do with the Regalla edition of Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 and PS4, exclusive to GAME Spain establishments. Horizon Forbidden West will hit the market this February 18 exclusively for PS5 and PS4 systems. Aloy’s new adventure will debut alongside several special editions dedicated to the most enthusiastic fans. One of them is the Regalla edition, the most expensive and with the most content among the four launched. We tell you everything you need to know.

What does the Regalla Edition of Horizon Forbidden West include?

Complete game compatible with PS5 and PS4
Metallic box
mini art book
Thermamut Regalia Figurine
Aloy figure
two cards
machine parts
digital soundtrack
digital comic
in-game items