Horizon Forbidden West: Project Will Plant Trees In Exchange For Trophy


Horizon Forbidden West: With the release very close, Horizon Forbidden West has already caught people’s attention. And, to shed even more light on the game, PlayStation today announced the “Play and Plant” program.

The initiative consists of planting a tree each time a player earns the “Reached the Daunt” trophy in the game. The action is a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, a non-governmental ecological organization.

According to the game company, each time a player unlocks the achievement in Horizon Forbidden West, the tree will be planted in Douglas County Forest (in Douglas County, Wisconsin, USA), or Sheep Fire Private Lands (Lassen County , California, USA), or in Torreya State Park (Liberty County, Florida, USA).

The three sites are home to reforestation projects that are run by the Arbor Day Foundation and were chosen because they suffer from environmental destruction. Sheep Fire Private Lands, for example, saw the return of gray wolf packs after the species’ near extinction in the region. The animals need the trees and the return of biodiversity to be able to thrive there.

According to PlayStation, Play and Plant will run until March 25 or until 288,000 Reached the Daunt trophies are earned (that’s the number of trees the 3 selected projects need).

The plot of the new Guerrilla Games project fits with the tenor of the ecological program. In the game’s story, a deadly plague is decimating species of animals and plants on Earth, thus threatening the continuity of life on the planet. In this context, the protagonist, Aloy, is the only one who can restore the natural balance.