Horizon Forbidden West Presents The Evolution Of Its Combat Design; So Will Aloy Fight


Horizon Forbidden West: Guerrilla Games continues to work on its most ambitious game to date. Aloy’s new adventure will arrive on PS5 and PS4 next February 2022. Sony Interactive Entertainment has presented the fifth chapter of the development diary of Horizon Forbidden West, the long-awaited new project from Guerrilla Games as a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn . When there are only a few months left to get back into Aloy’s shoes in an adventure that promises to improve in all playable and audiovisual aspects with respect to the original work, it is time to learn more about combat design.

This news includes plot spoils from Horizon Zero Dawn.

Charles Perain, Combat Designer at Guerrilla Games, explains on the Official PlayStation Blog how combat design has changed and evolved in Horizon Forbidden West. “Aloy is a smart and agile warrior,” he says. “The tools she will have in Horizon Forbidden West will provide her with many tactical opportunities to face enemies physically stronger than she is, from armored humans to massive machines.”

There are several changes introduced at a mechanical level with respect to the original delivery in terms of combat. The objective of the Dutch study was, in the first place, to give more depth to each of these mechanics and expand the repertoire of options with skills, melee combos, etc. “Players who take the time to hone their skills will discover effective as well as elegant solutions to dispose of their enemies. We also wanted to offer different styles of play and influence freedom of choice ”, something that we will be able to identify thanks to the new outfits and weapons, which will directly affect Aloy’s abilities.