Horizon Forbidden West: How To Equip Face Paints


Horizon Forbidden West: We detail the method to be able to equip face paints to Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West and thus modify her appearance beyond the armor. In Horizon Forbidden West we find a good number of different possibilities to customize Aloy. Weapons, his armor… all of this will affect both the gameplay (depending on the statistics and characteristics of the equipment in question) and the aesthetics. Regarding this point, something important for many players (we know that we are not the only ones who do not put a certain costume on the protagonist because we do not like her design), we also find face paints. We can unlock them by performing various tasks such as secondary missions and thus increase our collection until we can equip them to Aloy. We tell you how to do it as part of this complete guide.

How to equip face paints in Horizon Forbidden West

For starters, even though you can get face paints from the beginning of the game, you won’t be able to permanently equip them on Aloy until you’ve advanced far enough in the adventure. What we can do at all times is open the photo mode (from the START menu of the game, there is no loss) and in the first tab go down until we find and select the face painting option to take a photo and thus show off the painting that we want

If what we want is to wear it permanently, as if it were a tattoo, we must reach Spearboil and look for the Tenahkt called Zokkah, located on the upper level of the settlement, in the southern part of the town, near the armor seller and the one who makes potions By talking to him we can pay him 10 shards to apply any face paint that we have unlocked in our menu. If we want to have the face without paint again, it will only cost 1 shard. Thus, in such a simple way, we will be able to customize Aloy whenever we want and thus show off facial motifs related to the tribes we know: Utaru, Carja, Tenahkt…