Horizon Forbidden West: How To Do The “Chain Energy Surge” Combo


Horizon Forbidden West: We give you a series of tips to correctly perform the Energy Surge Chain in the challenges of the Fighting Pit of Horizon Forbidden West. In Horizon Forbidden West we will find a large number of collectibles and places to visit. One of these challenges remains related to the fighting in an arena intended for them, in which we will face various opponents of flesh and blood. Since we are not only used to fighting machines, hand-to-hand combat can be a bit confusing and that is why in this entry of our complete guide we help you to overcome one of these missions inside the arena based on performing an Energy Surge Chain .

Marshthorn Fighting Pit: How to make an Energy Surge Chain

In order to start performing this complicated movement we must press R1 three times, pause and hit the same button again. After that, it’s time to make a crescent cut, something we can achieve by holding and releasing R1. Finally, to finish the combo, press R1 and hold R2. This is how the combo would look, which Aloy performs with his spear:

R1 + R1 + R1 + Pause + R1 / Hold and release R1 / R1 and hold R2

Beyond this, in this type of challenge we will not find too much complexity and we can always observe the menu in which we are entrusted with each of these tasks in order to learn the necessary combo that we must do with our PlayStation controller in order to complete said combat requirement without any problem. You already know that the eventual mastery is in the repetition, so it’s time to repeat those challenges that cost us the most until you can achieve them all and thus collect a series of rewards that can be obtained by completing each of the game’s combat arenas. It is worth mentioning that in the case of the Fight Pits there is no final trophy reward for doing them all, so we can take it easy and do it at our own pace and as we feel like.