Horizon Forbidden West: How To Complete The Tip Of The Spear And On The Brink


Horizon Forbidden West: We tell you how you can 100% complete the missions The tip of the spear and To the limit as part of this complete Horizon Forbidden West guide. When we reach Meridian after finishing the previous chapter we will see a welcome scene and when we recover mobility we must approach the fallen machine to examine it. We tell you everything, and below the next mission (since the current one is very short) as part of this complete Horizon Forbidden West guide.

The tip of the spear

After that we must climb the Lanza climbing several handles. There is no loss if we look closely at the yellow highlighted areas and use our focus to highlight them. Once up we will discover that we will have to travel to the Forbidden West. For the adventure, the Sun King Avad will give us a spear and a helmet as gratitude. Before leaving, we can talk to all the friends in the area and use a workbench.

To the limit

On our way to the Forbidden West we will meet a series of curious characters and we will have to meet again with Erend, an old friend. When we regain control behind the scenes we can explore the camp to find a series of resources and a data pad. After that we will have before us a large open area that we can explore the will to find some collectibles and continue on the way to the creaky chain. On the way there we can find a tower on the right hand side that we can climb to reach the top and find a morning antenna lens there. We can continue exploring or go to Squeaky Chain, an Oseram city where we will find several points of interest.