Horizon Forbidden West: How To Complete The Embassy And Death’s Gate


Horizon Forbidden West: We tell you how you can 100% complete the Embassy and Death’s Gate missions as part of this complete Horizon Forbidden West guide. After completing the previous mission and our business in this area of ​​Solminium, we are ready to continue our journey to the Forbidden West through Light Waste. Once there we talk to the local commander to let us cross to the other side of the gates towards the border between East and West. We tell you about it as part of our complete guide.

The Embassy

After a scene we will have to face a battle against several members of the Regalla tribe mounted on machines. We clean the area and then a human boss armed with an electric shield will appear. We must weaken it by attacking directly so that it disappears before we can shoot and hit our target without cover. When we manage to knock it down we can see a scene, receive the useful Alaescudo (to glide from the heights) and continue with the adventure.

The gate of death

After the celebration of the Assembly we are already in the Forbidden West and we can explore it at will with the main mission, for now, of reaching the marked coordinates of the Spire. Once there, we swim to the camp Sylens left behind and investigate the area (there are a couple of data and supply pads) before activating the marked console to view a recorded message. When finished we can follow a trail of the orb in which HADES was contained (a sunken dirt path that leads to an ancient facility). There we find our old metallic enemy, albeit fallen, and we can extract information from him.

After the scene we can open the door to the facilities, but it will be locked. To open it we need a lighter, which we can build if we have some plants that grow in the depths of the nearby lake and a Zancador coil, a kind of metallic kangaroo that patrols nearby. To eliminate its coil we can fix it with the help of the focus and shoot it directly (it is on its back, from the bottom) so that it falls and thus pick it up before killing it. Once we have the right pieces we can go to a nearby workbench to create the lighter and with it set fire to the red flowers that grow by the door.