Horizon Forbidden West: How To Complete The Dying Lands


Horizon Forbidden West: We tell you how you can 100% complete the story mission The Dying Lands as part of this complete Horizon Forbidden West guide. After healing from the wounds of the last fight we will have to go to Cantollano to meet up with Zo and Varl. When we are ready we will enter the place where the Choir meets and at the end of the scene we must follow Zo to the Perimeter. Once there, we finish off the enemy alpha machines (we have a cannon to shoot and elemental barrels to explode) before entering the facility. We surround the door of light closed by the opening in the cave located on the right hand side and we reach the door of the Cauldron in which we have to enter. We tell you about it as part of this complete guide.

The dying lands

We finish with the machines of the place and in the next room we must look for a way to go up. We stand on the platform that lights up and look at the big gear that spins in front of it. When the round part that stands out with the focus rotates until it is placed on the right face (when it lights up) we shoot it so that it is embedded and we can climb on it. We do the same this time, with Zo pressing the platform, and a third time to climb to the top.

There we have to look for a box to press the platform on the ground and thus be able to shoot freely. We find it behind a brittle yellow triangular glass that is there (we break it and go through). We push the box through the shield and place it on the platform to be able to activate the next gears and repeat the previous action to continue (again more shortly, with three new gears besieged on the right hand side).