Horizon Forbidden West: How To Complete Seeds Of The Past


Horizon Forbidden West: We tell you how you can 100% complete the Seeds of the Past story mission as part of this complete Horizon Forbidden West guide. After completing the previous mission we have to recover DEMETER, another of GAIA’s sub-functions. To do so we must reach the western coast, far to the west. Once we reach the indicated point (we can unlock a Longneck along the way) they will receive us with an attack, so we have to pay them with the same currency. After clearing the area we can enter the nearby facilities, going through the left thanks to the hook and there reproducing a hologram. We tell you about it as part of this complete guide.

Seeds of the past

As we continue we find more human enemies, whom it is advisable to eliminate in stealth or with the help of nearby explosive barrels. After that, it’s time to talk to Alva, a Quen oracle, and advance with her through the facility. Once down, after overcoming the fulgorite barrier, we use a hook on a wall (in front of a supply chest) to continue towards the Greenhouse part. There we follow the path until we find a staircase through which we can go outside. where there are several enemy machines that it is advisable to eliminate in order to explore everything freely.

Once the area is clean, we go to the indicated point and open the hatch with the hook. To get to the platform we just have to go to the left side and shoot an arrow at the red hitch so that the ladder falls and we can climb. Upon entering we will discover a complex of facilities and the first thing we must do is go down to the lower floor. There we will see a locked door, which we find behind a “Battery Storage” block and we can move (the one on the left, in the others there are supply chests). Once we have it, we can open the door and drag a module so that our ally can jump on it. Being raised we can move the platform to the end (it should work, but if it doesn’t, reload the last save point and repeat the operation, since in our case we had a bug in this part).