Horizon Forbidden West: How to complete All That Remains And The Wings of Ten


Horizon Forbidden West: We tell you how you can 100% complete the All That Remains and The Wings of Ten missions as part of this complete Horizon Forbidden West guide. Upon waking up after completing the previous mission we must go to talk to Tilda, but before that we can examine the works of art so that its owner explains its meaning. After that, we simply go to Tilda and talk to her at length to finish the mission. We tell you about it as part of this complete guide.

All that’s left

As soon as we return to the base and talk to our friends, we can continue with the main mission to carry out a plan to defeat the Zenith. To begin with, we have to install a new sabotage module on our spear, in order to control a Sunwing.

The wings of the ten

In order to test our new creation we head to a nearby nest and use stealth to sabotage an enemy flying machine. After a cutscene, we can fly freely and take control of air traffic control while approaching a Longneck patrolling the desert. Once sabotaged we can go and collect a Horus energy cell, without getting off the Sunwing. Carrying it, we go to the Grove to drop the cell in Regalla’s camp automatically and see a cutscene.