Horizon Forbidden West: How To Complete Aiming For The Stars


Horizon Forbidden West: We tell you how you can 100% complete the Aiming for the Stars story mission as part of this complete Horizon Forbidden West guide. After some initial cinematic scenes we start with our first mission, of this complete guide, based on collecting a few supplies in the form of medicinal plants to heal us. Once we have used them we can continue to a ledge from which to jump. In the water surface where we fall we can dive to the bottom to find a supply box. Later we will find a downed machine and after examining it we will have to create a few arrows to be able to shoot at the nearby ladder and thus climb to continue on our way.

Aiming for the stars

When we meet the digger we should examine it with the focus to discover its weak points and thus be able to stick a few arrows in them. After finishing with a second machine we must shoot another ladder in the area to climb to some ancient facilities. There, at reception, we find some boxes of supplies that will come in handy. Shortly after advancing, we find a devastated Oseram camp and to eliminate the barrier that prevents us from advancing, we must find some machine parts (which the purple spotlight highlights) to use the nearby workbench in order to build a grappling hook. We use it on the two grate ends of the nearby barrier and cross to the other side. There we examine the area with our focus and play the old recording.

We will see that there is a kind of raised rock and from there we can jump in front and reach the ledge with the help of the hook. We do it and surround the area at the top, without falling, until we reach the part where the ladder is with which we can help Varl climb. Right there we see a supply box that we can lower to the bottom with the help of the hook. After crossing the door and seeing a scene, we can advance a little further until we reach another barrier (we open it with the help of the hook, you know), but before continuing we can find a couple of supply boxes on the left on a ledge to the left. we arrived with the hook.

To finish off the machines that we find later, we recommend using stealth, which we can achieve if we crouch in the tall grass area and wait to position ourselves behind the enemy from where we can attack forcefully by pressing R1. An interesting detail is that when they are doing the scan we can advance through the part that they do not watch in order to reach their back.