Horizon Forbidden West Has Huge Skill Tree, With 6 Play Styles


Horizon Forbidden West is one of the highlights of the latest edition of Game Informer, which is available to its subscribers. But information is already circulating on the internet, and we now know that Guerrilla Games has prepared a pretty robust skill tree for Aloy in the new game.

To start with, the skills are separated into six different playing styles, which are (in free translation):

Warrior – for melee attacks
Trap – for traps, obviously
Survivor – life improvements and resources
Infiltrator – focus on futivity
Huntress – for ranged attacks
Master of Machines – mastery of machines and technologies

Each of these styles has between 20 and 30 skills. But the player is not restricted to just one style of play and can mix up skills to make Aloy’s gameplay as you like.