Horizon Forbidden West: Game Price Generates Legal Controversy In The US


Horizon Forbidden West hasn’t even been released yet, but Sony’s sales model continues to cause controversy around the world. Even after community feedback motivated Sony to reverse its decision and allow the game to upgrade for free between PS4 and PS5, US lawyers warn of possible illegality on the company’s part.

According to lawyer Richard Hoeg (as reported by the website VGC), the problem lies in the fact that the PS4 version costs 60 dollars in the US, while the PS5 version goes for 70 dollars. With the free update, whoever bought the new generation version would be being harmed by the company.

More specifically, the problem is that the pre-order page for both versions highlights the more expensive version first, and you have to scroll down a bit to find the $10 less version, both of which are described as having — and in fact they do have—identical content. Thus, consumers are being motivated to pay a higher price in exchange for absolutely nothing.

According to Hoeg, this could motivate the Federal Trade Commission (or federal business commission, in free translation) to file a class action class action, and that the only way for Sony to resolve the issue would be to reduce the price of the PS5 version. for the same $60 as the PS4 edition.

But what about you, what do you think of this controversy and Sony’s business decisions? Comment below!