Horizon Forbidden West Finally Appears Running On A PS4 Fat


Horizon Forbidden West: As the Horizon Forbidden West publicity campaign grows, we know more and more about Aloy’s next adventure on PlayStation 5, but the PS4 version used to be a little left out in marketing… at least until now!

Today (9) developer Guerrilla finally showed some of the game running on last-gen hardware:

A lot of people were afraid the PS4 version would leave a lot to be desired, but this clip suggests that the performance is worthy of what we saw in the previous installment of the series, with even more graphic details that should help make it one of the most beauties of the old console.

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, director Mathjis de Jonge had already stated that the development on two systems at the same time had not limited the potential of the product, only allowing the PS5 to have much more graphic details, in addition to the natural support for the DualSense controller, 3D audio and faster loading via SSD.

We’ll know for good how the old-gen version compares to the new one on February 18th, when Horizon Forbidden West hits stores. How are your expectations for the game and what did you think of this clip of it running on PlayStation 4? Comment below!