Horizon Forbidden West: Differences Between Guided Vs Exploration Mode


Horizon Forbidden West: We tell you everything you need to know about the guided and exploration Horizon Forbidden West game modes as part of this guide. In Horizon Forbidden West we find a wide selection of accessibility and customization options to be able to adjust the split sample as we want. There is no type of trophy related to the difficulty that we choose, which can be modified at any time, or other types of Achievements that prevent us from playing as we want. For this reason and as part of this complete guide, we detail the difficulty and customization options of the guided or exploration game that you have available in the game.

Guided mode vs exploration in Horizon Forbidden West

Guided mode: as you can see, it is a mode that will affect the markers that we find in the world when using Aloy’s special focus. It is recommended if you want to find all the collectibles and not miss anything, but it can sacrifice a bit of the feeling of self-discovery that the other available mode offers. Of course, you can change it at any time so we encourage you to experiment with it.
Exploration mode: the legendary The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild or the expected Elden Ring bet on this type of open world without many icons or markers. Of course it is not the same thing, since this game has been conceived in a different way, but even so, if we choose this exploration mode, the markers on the screen and those of the focus will be greatly reduced, thus complicating the finding a bit. everything we are looking for but benefiting the exploring part that all players have inside.