Horizon Forbidden West Details Its Accessibility Options


Horizon Forbidden West: Game developers seem increasingly concerned about offering accessibility options in their titles, and we just have to celebrate. Horizon Forbidden West doesn’t want to be left behind in the bandwagon, and showed its wide list of options that will help make the game more inclusive for a greater number of players.

As we can see in the GIF above, it’s a pretty long list of settings. And this type of initiative is also very interesting because many of these options can be used by all types of players who just want to have a more comfortable experience, not necessarily because they wouldn’t be able to play without or something like that.

There are subtitle settings, for example, to make reading them more comfortable. Horizon Forbidden West also comes with another trending option which is the “custom difficulty”.

In addition to the pre-set options of “easy”, “normal”, “hard” and so on, players will be able to choose specific difficulty options. An example that the official PlayStation Blog post offers is the “easy loot” option. With it on, you don’t need to rip out specific parts of the machine to secure them as loot – whenever you drop a robot, all of its parts will be available to pick up.

This type of setup can help not only players who may have motor difficulties with the precise aim needed to rip out specific parts of machines, but also those who are not interested in the item grinding part of the game, regardless of the combat difficulty level.

These are just a few examples from a really long list of settings. You can check more details in the official post.