Horizon Forbidden West Can Now Be Downloaded on PS4 and PS5


Horizon Forbidden West will be released in exactly one week, on the 18th of February. This means that you can already download the game on your PS4 or PS5, so you have the game ready and you can start playing from the first minute of its availability.

The pre-download will be especially interesting for those people who have slower or less reliable internet. That’s because the game is not the lightest, taking up a total of 90.25 GB on your console’s storage drive.

Of course, this number is not only a concern for download time, but also for ensuring enough space for the game. While the PS4 has several models with very high storage, the PS5 is restricted to less than 700 GB in its default configuration. So for those who have some larger games already installed, it’s good to see if the game will fit.

Of course, the pre-download is released for those who have already pre-purchased Horizon Forbidden West. The standard edition of the game costs R$300 on PS4 and R$350 on PS5 – but there are ways to buy the PS4 edition and secure the free digital upgrade to the PS5 version. The game also has a “Digital Deluxe Edition”, which brings versions for both consoles and an extra content pack, which even includes a digital comic book.