Horizon: Forbidden West Announced for PlayStation 5


Horizon: Forbidden West, one of the games exclusive to Sony’s new console, was announced. This stunning world brings a brand new and hard-to-recognize America.

Sony is getting ready to bring its new console, PlayStation 5, with a rich library, with the support of numerous game makers. One of the first and remarkable games in this library was Horizon: Forbidden West.

In the first game, the name Carja gave to the land beyond Daunt was Forbidden West, the Forbidden West. Of course, since that day, information clues that these lands will be discovered have appeared in the games. Still, it was quite unexpected.

A brand new America

In fact, the region we call Forbidden West consists of states such as Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico today. We will explore these regions in the new game, but it seems that we will encounter an adventure beyond what we expected.

Images that seem to be taken from the Avatar series and the game’s impressive visual language show that Sony is ambitious. We see the events and new creatures that we will encounter in the new game, which starts from the point where the previous game was fully completed, even partially in production. You can find the promotional trailer of the game developed by Guerilla below.


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