Horizon Forbidden West And The Evolution Of Aloy Through Her Voice


Horizon Forbidden West: We interviewed actress Michelle Jenner for her role playing the Spanish version of Aloy, the protagonist of the long-awaited Horizon Forbidden West. The day has come. Horizon Forbidden West is out now for PS4 and PS5. One of the most anticipated releases of the year 2022 lands to offer us a sequel that exceeds our expectations. More and better, with all its expanded and polished sections. It is also somewhat continuous, as in the fact of repeating the dubbing actress who gives life to Aloy, the protagonist of this story that has already become a saga. In the case of Spanish we have Michelle Jenner, known both for her acting work and her voice acting roles. We talked to her about the entire process of filming Horizon Forbidden West, her assessment of her game and Aloy’s character, and much more. We tell you.

Michelle Jenner, a long professional career

Paco’s men, Isabel, The Cathedral of the Sea, Juliet…there are many television series and movies in which we have seen Michelle Jenner. What you don’t get to see but you do hear is her voice, recognizable for having played such relevant characters as Hermione Granger in the first four films of the Harry Potter saga or the protagonist of the modern version of Beauty and the Beast ( 2017). In addition to playing Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn and repeating her role in the sequel that concerns us, Michelle always tries to combine both professions so as not to leave any aside:

“I am combining my acting jobs with those of a dubbing actress quite well. Normally if I am in a series, in which I don’t have as much time, because there is not so much room for dubbing, but when there are a few months more free, I always try to find some dubbing role because it is something that I love”, he tells us, “I am grateful because despite these times I can continue working. Now I am participating in A Ciegas, a film for Netflix by the Pastor brothers. I also have The Heirs of the Earth pending, which is the continuation of The Cathedral of the Sea and at the moment that, with more projects for this spring of 2022”.