Horizon Forbidden West, An Exciting Post-Apocalyptic World


Horizon Forbidden West: We review everything we know about the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Forbidden West and all the different settings that we will visit in this sequel. The countdown to be able to enjoy Horizon Forbidden West is less and less. It will be next February 18, 2022 when we can meet again with Aloy and enjoy a new great adventure exclusive to PS4 and PS5 consoles. To prepare and make the wait more bearable, below we review everything we know about the post-apocalyptic open world that we will visit in this sequel, what kinds of scenarios await us and why it is a series of environments much more revolutionary than in the case of the original 2017 delivery.

A much more realistic open world in the Forbidden West

“When you travel the Forbidden West, nothing can be out of place. The Guerrilla Living Worlds team works on those aspects that make the game world full of authenticity and life: the tribes, settlements and their inhabitants. Everything we do in the world has a purpose, ”details Espen Sogn, Guerrilla’s chief world designer, on the Official PlayStation Blog.

Even today, the world that Guerrilla Games designed for Horizon Zero Dawn continues to amaze with its breadth, variety of different biomes, and endless possibilities. Strolling through cities as varied as The Citadel, Oseram or the villages of the Banuk tribe shows that it is a world with a life of its own, inhabited by the survivors of the apocalypse that wiped out practically all human life on earth. With dangerous mechanical machines roaming freely through the wild lands brimming with nature, those who still preserve their humanity gather into tribes with primitive and variable customs depending on each region.

Everything we’ve seen of Horizon Forbidden West suggests that it will embody an even richer and more realistic society than the one we discovered in the original installment. In fact, in some of the official trailers shown in recent months we can see one of the new tribes mounted on large machines such as the gigantic Terremamut, so they have managed to tame them and use them at will, something unusual in Horizon Zero Dawn that it could only be achieved by Aloy herself and one of her adversaries.

For now we know some details regarding some new tribes. On the one hand we have the Tenakth, a tribe focused on the warlike world that values ​​young warriors above all else and whose settlements are dominated by battle zones and symbols of war. On the other hand, the Utaru are more peaceful and focus on agricultural work, so their homes are focused on allocating a good part of the space to farmland and producing food for everyone. The Oseram have also been mentioned, although only to indicate that they are a socially and historically patriarchal tribe.