Horizon Forbidden West: All Weapons and How to Get Them


Horizon Forbidden West: As part of our complete Horizon Forbidden West guide, we tell you where and how you can get all the weapons available for Aloy. In Horizon Forbidden West Aloy has a wide arsenal of weapons that he can use to take on the powerful machines that patrol the Forbidden West. Spears, bows, stunners, slingshots…there are many options available and here, as part of this complete guide, we leave you with the complete list of weapons in the game, as well as the method to obtain them. In addition, we recommend that you have in your hand a remarkable variety of different elemental ammunition and several different weapons, in order not to deplete the ammunition that we use so quickly and have a whole range of options to fight against the machines using their weak point.

All weapons and where to get them

Igneous hunting bow: we can buy it from the arms merchant in Squeaky Chain.
Warrior’s Bow: Also in Squeaky Chain.
Precise Bow: On Squeaky Chain, after blowing the whistle.
Shooter: A special weapon that fires projectiles from a distance and what we can get by completing the optional errand “The Final Fireworks” given to us by a pair of Oseram handymen in Squeaky Chain, near the entrance gate to the city.
String launcher: we bought it from Luz Baldía’s armorer.
Explosive stunner: in Luz Baldía.
Explosive Slingshot Burst: in Light Waste.
Swift Warbow: in Light Waste.
Precise knockdown bow: in Luz Baldía.
Shattering Gauntlet: in Luz Waste for 467 metal shards and 1 Zancador circuit.
Cold hunting bow: we can buy it from the Cantollano armorer.
Slicing hunting bow: in Cantollano.
Pruning Warrior Bow: in Cantollano.
Acid warrior bow: in Cantollano.
Precise hard tissue bow: in Cantollano.
Forge Fire Stunner: in Cantollano.
Shattering Gauntlet: in Cantollano.
Kue’s precise bow: they give it to us when completing the secondary mission Roots that Unite.
Shattering precise bow: it is given to us by Dekka in the main mission “The fissure of the sky”.
Fence Stunner: Upon completing the “Blood for Blood” side quest.
Lightning Hunting Bow: Upon completing the “What You Need to Know” side quest.
Chipped Horn Pike Launcher: We can create it with the supplies we get in the Signal Peak secondary mission.
Bellows speargun: we can buy it in Rocky Crest.
Burst Bolt Launcher: We bought it in Rocky Ridge.
Celestial Strike Bolt Thrower: They give it to us by completing the secondary mission “The Valley of Ordeal”.
Guardian Stunner: We get it by completing the secondary mission “Drowned Hopes”.
Hopeless Gauntlet of Thunder: in a chest that we found on the ship with Quen from the coast of Legacy’s Arrival.
BumBum’s Shattering Gauntlet: Upon completing the “Explode or Burst” side quest.