Horizon Forbidden West: All Guerrilla Games Ranked According To Metacritic


Horizon Forbidden West: The release of Horizon Forbidden West is especially relevant to the trajectory of Guerrilla. We review how his previous works were received. Horizon Forbidden West is the latest work from Guerrilla Games. The Netherlands-based studio continues the adventures of Aloy, this time debuting in the new generation. The critics have made it clear: it is a complete evolution of the first installment. But before the Horizon franchise they had the responsibility of being the spearhead of PlayStation productions in the first person shooter. We review how his career has been.

All the Guerrilla Games games ordered from best to worst according to Metacritic
Kill zone 2 | 91 on Metacritic
Horizon Forbidden West | 89 on Metacritic
Horizon Zero Dawn | 89 on Metacritic
Kill zone 3 | 84 on Metacritic
Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds | 83 on Metacritic
Killzone: Liberation | 77 on Metacritic
Killzone: Shadowfall | 73 on Metacritic
Killzone | 70 on Metacritic
ShellShock: Nam ’67 | 58 on Metacritic

Horizon Forbidden West’s notes have led him to tie with the first installment in the bid for second place. The best according to the critical consensus is Killzone 2, one of the most beloved shooters by the community during the PS3 era.