Horizon Forbidden West: All Door Security Codes


Horizon Forbidden West: We detail what are all the security codes of the closed doors that we find in Ruins of relics and more of Horizon Forbidden West. In Horizon Forbidden West we will find several locked doors that require a specific code to open. Some of them are related to the main story, while others remain in the field of secondary missions and many others can be found when exploring Relic Ruins. In general, we can find the solution in the surroundings (a text or audio file is usually the key), but if you do not want to complicate yourselves and are looking for a quick solution, as part of this complete guide we will indicate all the access codes for the doors game closed.

All door security codes

Intimidation Relic Ruins: 1705
Relic Ruins of No Man’s Land: 2204
Azogado Forest Relic Ruins: 1923
Needle Island Relic Ruins: Level 9 Password: 2109 / Level 7 Password – 109 / Ruins Main Door Code: 2109109.
Main quest “Death’s Gate” door code: 748
“Forbidden Legacy” side quest door codes: 102023 and 402625 (second door)
Base secret room code: 9626118