Horizon Fan offers new machine designs using AI


A fan of the Horizon series of games from Guerilla Games shared a collection of images in which various creatures take the form of mechanical beasts characteristic of the games. The impressive thing is that all these fragments are generated by AI, although they demonstrate some limitations of these types of automated art programs, since it seems to be difficult for them to fully understand the hint right away.

Originally published on the Horizon subreddit, Reddit user hefeglass posted a collection of nine of these artificial intelligence-generated animal machines created using Stable Diffusion software. The post received quite a lot of attention from Horizon fans, and most of the responses commented on how impressive the artwork looks.

The images themselves show an interesting possible future for the Horizon series, where a collection of animals turns into giant machines that Eloy will hunt and harvest. One impressive example is the rabbit-based machine, which seems to increase the size of the original creature to a huge enemy that can use its powerful legs to stomp around the battlefield. Each of these images brings its own unique shade to the artistic style of the Horizon series: some cars look like the type that can be a good traveling companion, while others are intimidating bosses.

I’ve come up with some new HFW machines using AI from the horizon.

Of course, as is often the case with AI art, there is a certain degree of flaw in the overall design that becomes a reality when using an automated program instead of hiring a human artist. In particular, with these designs trying to mimic the machines from Horizon, it’s strange to see what appears to be fur and even scales in several images, including the aforementioned rabbit car. It’s a minor imperfection that shows the limitations of AI art programs, but it still works to meet the goals of fans like Hefeglass who just want to see some simple concepts come to life.

It’s impossible to underestimate how impressive some of these images look, and many of them give the impression of imposing, which almost combines Horizon: Forbidden West with Shadow of the Colossus thanks to the scale of some of these machines. The possibilities of artificial intelligence to bring such ideas to life from simple hints are simply incredible to see in action with these types of images. At the same time, the relative novelty of these programs still causes controversy among artists, including those who are engaged in fan art of games such as Horizon: Forbidden West. Thus, it may still be better for fans to approach programs like Stable Diffusion carefully and make sure that artists whose art is uploaded to these systems agree to use their styles.

Horizon: Forbidden West is already available for PS4 and PS5.


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