Hopper’s Versions Reveal Serial Development


Hopper now has a chance to serve as the Stranger Things version of pop culture icons like Indiana Jones, Chief Martin Brody, and more specifically, Han Solo.

It seems like it’s no coincidence that Stranger Things season 3 went out of its way to directly reference Return of the Jedi. Steve brought up the movie when he applied for a job at the local video store.

There was already evidence that Joyce and Murray did not give up on Hopper according to the Stranger Things phone message from season 3. If they found out there was a slim chance that he would survive they will go on their own rescue operation.

The pair could act as Leia and Lando’s team, dressing up to enter the Russian base. The group will encounter threats along the way, human or otherwise, but it could lead to another tumultuous battle at Hawkins in Stranger Things.

Like the efforts of the rebels with the Battle of Endor; Hopper, Joyce and Murray could be tasked with another life or death situation but in Stranger Things.

If Hopper’s theory is correct, and his arc reflects Han’s journey, let’s hope he and Joyce get a chance to love in Stranger Things just like their Star Wars counterpart’s romance with Leia.

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