Hopper invents the 3cm rule Eleven to keep an eye on Mike


The subtle origin of Hopper’s open door policy relates to the moment when Hopper demands that Eleven keep her bedroom door open a few inches every time she is alone with her boyfriend on Stranger Things.

Though the show’s stars started out as young children, in Stranger Things season 3 the teenage leads are old enough for Detective Hopper to enforce the rule regarding his burgeoning romantic relationship to Eleven.

The open door policy actually has its anchors well hidden in the early days of Stranger Things season 1. Where Eleven opens a door a few inches, because she is scared and needs security.

It’s a good connection to Hopper’s eventual 3-centimeter ruler, with the more mature Eleven from Stranger Things season 3 always trying to close the door as she no longer feels the need for protection.

Stranger Things has many clever omens throughout its 3 seasons, providing the necessary continuity of the character in a show whose seasons vary in tone and style.

Despite the action packed with effects, the cast of Stranger Things is what draws viewers in over and over again, and ensuring this kind of consistency from their characters helps improve the chemistry between Mike and Eleven and their entire team.

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