Hoper Is Alive! Stranger Things Releases a Revealing Tralier


Fans are excited to have their suspicions confirmed. It ‘s Love and Friendship Day , but it seems that Netflix wanted to put a touch of suspense and mystery up to date.

Through its social networks, the platform revealed a new teaser of the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ and made us a great spoiler.

All suffered with the end of the third season, as one of their favorite characters, ” Hoper “, was sacrificed so they could close the portal to the World upside down, but disappeared after the explosion and many took him for dead.

In previous months, rumors spread about the future of the character, first circulated some fake photos of the recording set where a truck looked like the one used by the Hawkins sheriff. Hopes rose even higher when the actor, David Harbor, said in an interview that he still did not know the fate of ” Hoper.”

In the new trainer , what appears to be a mining or Russian concentration center is shown, where there are many workers digging what appears to be some train tracks and “Hoper” appears among them, looking much more bleak.

Have you suffered on the other side? He could be pretending to find out if there are new dangers for “Once” and the entire gang, an alternate dimension or flashback to his past. We will have to wait for next Halloween.



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