Hope Solo voluntarily undergoes inpatient treatment for alcoholism after being arrested for drunk driving: attention is “directed at my health”


Less than a month after she was arrested for drunk driving, Hope Solo began treatment.

“I contacted the Hall of Fame and respectfully asked to postpone my induction ceremony into the [National Football Hall of Fame] for 2023,” the 40—year-old professional athlete tweeted on Friday, April 29. a program to treat patients from alcoholism to solve my problems with alcohol.”

In her statement, she continued: “Currently, my energy and attention are fully focused on my health, healing and taking care of my family. I want to thank the Hall of Fame for their support and understanding of my decision.”

Earlier this month, it became known that the author of “Solo: Memories of Hope” was taken into custody in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on charges of driving under the influence (DWI) and resisting arrest.

“On the advice of a lawyer, Hope cannot talk about this situation,” Rich Nichols, the football star’s lawyer, told us in an April 1 statement. “But she wants everyone to know that her children are her life, that she was immediately released and is now at home with her family, that the story is more sympathetic than the initial allegations suggest, and that she is looking forward to defending herself. these accusations.”

According to a police report obtained exclusively by us, a witness allegedly noticed that Solo was “absent from driving” for more than an hour while the engine was running. The Washington native’s children, Lozen and Vittorio, both 2 years old, were also in the car. When local police woke Solo up, they allegedly noticed the smell of alcohol on her breath and stated that her eyes were red.

According to the police report, Solo allegedly refused to participate in field sobriety tests, after which a search warrant was issued to obtain blood samples before her arrest. The court hearing is scheduled for June 28.

The “Dancing with the Stars” graduate, who shares her twins with husband Jerrami Stevens, later broke her silence via Instagram.

“Thank you to those who extended their hand, showing love and support. Our family is strong and surrounded by love,” she signed a social media post on April 3. “Our children are strong, smart, happy and full of life, and we are with them every day, giving them the best possible life. We will be able to share the facts in due time.”

The Olympic athlete added: “Meanwhile, our children are enjoying the North Carolina sun, eating popsicles and playing on our territory. Life can be hard, but these are really important moments. I am happy that there is such love in my life.”

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