Hope: China clears local Coronavirus contagions


From Wednesday (18) to Thursday (19), China has not registered any new cases of local infection by Coronavirus, which is being celebrated by local authorities and health experts, as it gives hope about the effectiveness of quarantine adopted in the Asian country, and followed in other countries around the world.

China was the first epicenter of contagion by Covid-19, a fact that is being linked to initial cases of negligence on the part of the authorities, who, in order to avoid the panic of the population, did not take measures in time to prevent the pandemic.

The first doctor who tried to warn of the risk of the new Coronavirus, still in December last year, was not taken seriously, which allowed the virus to spread quickly through the city of Wuhan, forcing the Chinese government to take drastic restrictive measures. the region. The problem is that the virus had already left there. After the doctor passed away due to exposure to the Coronavirus, international criticism of China increased, as did the cases of xenophobia.

Today, the biggest contagious epicenter is Europe, with Italy leading the number of infected and killed on the continent.

Covid-19 is not yet under control
Although local contagion has been eliminated in China, this does not mean that the country is not accounting for new cases of the disease. Only on Thursday (19), another 34 new cases were confirmed by health authorities, but among travelers.

The data shows that controlling contagion definitely goes beyond the quarantine of local populations.

Anyway, in some regions of Hubei, a province whose capital is the city of Wuhan, in addition to cities like Beijing and Shanghai, some establishments have already started to reopen, gradually.

Coronavirus numbers in Brazil and worldwide
According to Johns Hopkins University, in the USA, the number of infected people worldwide is already 246,444 cases, with 10,038 deaths. In China, 81,250 were infected and 3,238 deaths.

At the moment, Europe is the most sensitive place of contagion. The death toll in Italy has already reached 3,405, exceeding China itself. Iran is the third most affected country, with 1,284 deaths.

In Brazil, so far we have 621 confirmed cases and seven deaths, five in São Paulo and two in Rio de Janeiro.


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