Honored Green Lantern Arrowverse & Best Green Arrow Power Combination


Despite all the ridicule, the Arrow Universe never introduced the Green Arrow and Green Lantern team. It’s a shame, because one particular combination of their abilities would bring out the best in Oliver Queen.

While Green Arrow has proven that he has what it takes to break into the Justice League, there’s one thing that’s painfully obvious with his skill set: he relies on a finite set of arrows. No one doubts that Queen is as sharp-sighted as they are, but all the precision and accuracy in the world cannot be compared to an empty quiver. The cunning arrows of the Green Arrow, admittedly, do not allow Oliver to get into such a situation, but even in this case, an arrow from a grenade or a boxing glove will not always help. Even with a large number of arrows (say, from 50 to 100), there is always a chance that an extremely persistent villain will be able to survive Oliver’s best shots.

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But it looks like one of Green Arrow’s best friends has found a clever workaround for this annoying limitation. In Green Lantern #8 by Jeff Jones and Carlos Pacheco, two heroes are influenced by the Black Mercy of the interstellar villain Mongul. The parasitic plant gives Green Lantern and Green Arrow a vision of their most perfect world, slowly killing them. Fortunately, they both manage to break free just in time for the arrival of Mongul’s sister Mongal. The members of the Justice League fight against the villainous siblings, and Oliver fights with the Mongol. Unfortunately, Green Arrow discovers at the most inopportune moment that he has run out of ammunition. Fortunately, Green Lantern is aware of the problems his friend is facing, and in the midst of a battle with Mongul, he replenishes Ollie’s quiver with structural arrows, giving him exactly what he needs to defeat the villain.

This won’t be the first time Green Arrow has used the Green Lantern Ring to her advantage, but that doesn’t make the moment any less impressive. The two heroes have a story, so it goes without saying that they have several such combo moves to help each other out of a predicament. Of course, it is a pity that the Arrow Universe simply could not realize what could be the most powerful common move between the Green Lantern and the Green Arrow.

For years, fans had hoped that Green Lantern would eventually make it into the Arrow Universe, especially when it was revealed that the fan-favorite character John Diggle was potentially Jon Stewart. While there has always been an Oliver Queen in the Arrow Universe, fans have never had a Green Lantern. And based on this cool moment, which is demonstrated by the two heroes, the audience was robbed. The Green Lantern’s Power Ring is almost limitless, so who knows how many arrows he can create for Oliver? Not to mention that with a Green Lantern capable of constructing anything in her imagination, the Queen can request some rather unusual arrows. Unfortunately, things just weren’t meant to happen, and Arrowverse fans never got to see the cool move of the Green Lantern/Green Arrow.


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