Honor of Kings: World Is Announced With A Beautiful Trailer


Honor of Kings: Chinese giant Tencent is producing a game in partnership with new studio TiMi Group that expands the Arena of Valor franchise (Honor of Kings in China) to the cross-platform world. Honor of Kings: World was recently revealed with a very impressive trailer:

It’s clear that the screenshots are pre-rendered, not a gameplay capture, so at the moment it’s hard to imagine what the game will actually look like. But the animation already shows Tencent and TiMi Studio Group’s ambition to create an action RPG with a lot of emphasis on graphics and gameplay.

From the trailer and the name, maybe we can make a comparison with Monster Hunter: World as well. Not only is the gameplay a bit reminiscent of Capcom’s hit title, but also the feel of the trailer itself, with players facing a menacing monster and being surprised by one that looks even more dangerous. This is practically the signature of the Monster Hunter trailers.

According to Gematsu, Honor of Kings: World is a triple A game that will be released worldwide on several platforms, but it has not been informed on which or when.

The game is based on IP Honor of Kings, a game that has been available since 2015 on Android and iOS phones. The developer says this was the first game in the world to get a daily average of 100 million users, and it would be one of the most profitable games in history as well. If all that is true, then the investment Tencent appears to be making in the project makes sense.