Honor gives date for its first gaming computer


He has been working for a while for his first gaming computer named Honor Hunter. Following its event at IFA 2020, the company gave a new launch date, this time to announce its developments on the gaming side.

Honor Hunter is coming on September 16

Honor showed that it aims to take ambitious steps in the market with its new products introduced within the scope of IFA 2020. With the new smart watch models GS Pro and ES models, the models developed specifically for different usage habits received full marks, and the renewed Magicbook series managed to be a relatively ideal alternative in its segment.

The news published today is that Honor has completed its preparations for the new gaming computer Honor Hunter this time. After the event to be held in China on September 16, Honor is expected to distribute the Hunter model to all countries where it operates.

Among the news that two new smartwatch models will be introduced in addition to the new player computer, it is not known whether these models will be different from the models shown in IFA. The published image is quite similar to the new GS Pro and ES models.


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