Honor Discloses Teaser With Magic V, The Brand’s Folding Cell Phone


Honor: Confirming the rumors, Chinese maker Honor, formerly Huawei’s mobile phone subsidiary, released an official teaser announcing the release of its first foldable smartphone, called the Magic V. Featured on Twitter and Weibo, a still-shaded image of the new device reveals a bit of its design, with a clear hinge between the two halves of the device.

The text of the posts does not yet give any clues about dates, but announces that the “folding flagship is about to be released”. Honor has never denied its purpose of releasing its own folding.

Although the company’s CEO, George Zhao, said two years ago that he was concerned whether the price of such a device would be affordable for the brand’s young audience, information released in June pointed to Chinese BOE and Visionox as responsible for developing the panels folding devices used in the new device under development.

What’s new in Honor Magic V?

While no details are available on the exact shape the Magic V will take on launch, a post by South Korean website The Elec bets on an internal 8.03-inch folding display paired with a 6.45-inch external display. It is speculated that manufacturer BOE will use its ultra-thin glass (UTG) technology for the first time in Honor’s folding device.

Based on some clues from the company, leak specialist Digital Chat Station has stated that Honor’s collapsible should be released with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.

Everything suggests that the Honor Magic V will be more like the Samsung Z Fold (which “stretches” to be the size of a tablet), than with the Z Flip, also from the South Korean, which folds to be more compact. The answers to all these questions are expected to be revealed in January, the date of the probable launch of the new folding.