Honor could launch its foldable phone this year

Many mobile manufacturers are thinking about what to do to innovate and attract more public to their brand. The design only serves to stand out from the rest effectively, but sometimes the construction helps. The clearest case we have in Samsung with the range of folding terminals, where more and more brands want to enter. Very few have presented their terminal, but Honor wants to launch its folding mobile this year.

Honor and its folding phone

Chinese phones are the order of the day and many of them have shown what they are capable of. There are many brands that operate in the market and some have even separated from their parent company in order to make their way on their own. This is something that Honor wants to achieve, to demonstrate what it is capable of with a folding phone.

At the moment they are plans that the Chinese firm are in development after its recent separation from the Huawei company. In fact, it is in a moment of beginning negotiations with providers, among them Google that could introduce Android in its phones as we read in techradar. From here they echo some statements that the Weibo social network, exclusive of China, has from the president of the firm Zhao Ming.

Honor’s new approach

As we told you, Honor is working on its folding phone that could arrive this year. It is a courageous initiative for the company in this new stage that begins without the support of Huawei. Recall that until now Honor was Huawei’s budget phone firm, which can be compared between Redmi and Xiaomi. With this in mind, you can imagine that the project is not only to enter a large market, but to fully enter a segment with little competition.

Samsung and Motorola are the only ones that have a terminal for sale in the market and the arrival of Honor would be welcome to have more devices to choose from. We will have to wait to see the plans and development of the firm that does not want to have anything to envy of its parent company. In fact, the first step you have already taken is to talk to Google, which will probably help you with the software section.



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