Honor Continues Its Foldable Phone Preparations


Honor foldable phone: Continuing its way as an independent company from Huawei, Honor introduced its first flagship device series in this period last week. On the one hand, Honor, which is preparing to release a foldable phone, is evaluating different name options for this device.

Honor’s latest trademark application reveals these options. While it is understood that the foldable phone will be presented under the Magic series; The evaluated names are listed as Magic Flip, Magic Fold and Magic Flex.

The trademark application does not mean that Honor will use all of these names. There is no clue about the release date of the foldable phone in the application. However, the fact that Honor has come to the name evaluation stage shows that the officialization of the phone is not far away.

Honor has filed a trademark application for foldable phone names only in China. However, it is not difficult to predict that the company will launch its foldable phone worldwide. One of the most important reasons why Honor left Huawei is to protect the brand’s position in global markets, so such a prediction can be easily made.