Honor 30 processor: Kirin 985 features leaked!


We have announced to you that the Kirin 985 processor, which has 5G support in Huawei’s new flagship, the sub-brand of Huawei. The characteristics of the processor, expected to perform close to Kirin 990 5G, remained unknown.

Thanks to the AI ​​Benchmark application, Kirin 985 features have been greatly revealed. In Huawei’s new processor, one main core is accompanied by three large and four small cores. So there is a core structure in the form of 1 + 3 + 4.

Kirin 985 features become clear
Although this structure is the same as the Kirin 820, their operating speed is different. To make a comparison, Kirin 990 is accompanied by two main cores, two large and four small cores. The same cores are found in all of these processors: Cortex A76 and Cortex A55. Configuration and core speeds differ.

One of Kirin 985’s Cortex A76 cores runs at 2.58 GHz and three operate at 2.40 GHz. The four Cortex A55 cores run at 1.84 GHz. The new dual-core NPU will be able to perform twice as much in AI calculations as compared to the Kirin 820.

It should be noted that Kirin 985 is behind MediaTek Dimensity 1000.


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