Honeycomb In Minecraft: Where To Find Them And What They Are For


Minecraft: We tell you everything about beehives in Minecraft so you can learn to find them and discover their usefulness in crafting recipes. Many years after its launch, Minecraft continues to be on everyone’s lips thanks to series made by several renowned streamers and the fact that the Mojang title continues to receive updates and news. Its world is infinite, literally, so it is likely that we miss some mechanics or we do not know how to craft certain elements. For this reason, and as part of our guide, here we tell you everything about the honeycomb, an object that came to the game from version 1.15 of Java.

How to get honeycomb in Minecraft

Obviously, in order to get honeycombs we will have to find bees and their nests in the game or hives where these endearing flying creatures reside. They can be found randomly on Oak and Birch trees within Plains, Flowering Forests, and Sunflower Plains biomes (5% chance to find them). Once we find it, in order to extract the bee nests, we must use an ax on them. If we use the silk touch enchantment we can get the entire nest and the bees inside it, but otherwise its residents will attack us for taking their home (unless we put a fire under it to scare them away).

In order to obtain honeycombs, we will have to wait until the bees that come and go from the nest have filled it enough for it to change color and shape and begin to drop honey particles. If we use scissors on them we can harvest these long-awaited honeycombs. It is likely that the bees will attack us when doing so, so using a dispenser with a glass jar or scissors via redstone will allow us to achieve it peacefully.